Benefactors society

Benefactors Society

Benefactors Society

Arts & Sciences Leadership-Level Unrestricted Giving

As we look to the future of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, we celebrate not only our dedication to honor, but an enduring commitment to uphold our aspirations for education. Leadership level gifts allow the College to lift the University’s founding ideals -- truth, citizenship, and the power of knowledge -- to serve the next 200 years and beyond. Benefactors Society members hold the key to the College‘s bold transformation. Your help enables us to continue to attract the most outstanding faculty, who in turn will teach the most passionate and talented students, in the most advanced research and studio facilities, and supporting the most innovative new liberal arts and sciences curriculum, to create the most inclusive community possible.

When you Honor the Future, your unrestricted leadership-level support helps the College and Graduate School of Arts & Scences rededicate itself to its core mission of discovery, community, and service. Transformational, multi-disciplinary priorities including the Democracy Initiative, Brain Initiative, Environment Initiative, Graduate Education Initiative and Curricular Innovation Initiative will engage current and future students and faculty to solve the most pressing issues of our time for the benefit of future generations -- not just across Grounds, but across the globe.

Benefactors Society Board

Max Bruckmann ’04
Fairhope, AL

Vice President
Terry Darling ’91, PAR ’20
Greenwich, CT

Mark Allan '97
Charleston, SC

Morgan Bate '06
Herndon, VA

Zeynep Bilimer ’00
New York, NY

Maxwell Bonnie '07
Marietta, GA

Sean C. Boyles '09
Charlotte, NC

Jane Bradshaw ’85
Reston, VA

Ryuk Byun ’08
New York, NY

Pam Calary '84
Charlottesville, VA

James Cho ’96
Potomac Falls, VA

Brad Coyle '86, PAR '22
Arlington, VA

Michael Denniston ’86, LAW ’89, PAR ’23
Mountain Brook, AL

Lisa Foshee ’89, LAW ’92
Atlanta, GA

Kelly Geary ’97
Paradise Valley, AZ

Thomas M. Hickey ’95
Charlottesville, VA

Katherine Kapnick '13
New York, NY

Tina Kern, PAR '21
Metairie, LA

Mary Beth Kush ’97
Elmhurst, IL

Frances Ladd PAR ’24
Mobile, AL

Anne Lloyd ’05
Richmond, VA

Clayton Yost Maebius '96
Austin, TX

Taylor Mefford ’97
Atlanta, GA

Mary Miller '95, LAW '00
Denver, CO

Jeff Paduch '00
London, UK

Greg Polk ’98
McLean, VA

W. Dean Smith ’94 
Charlotte, NC

Liz Stepanian ’96
Houston, TX

Gayle Trotter ’92, LAW ’95, PAR ’21
Washington, D.C.

Doug Vaughn ’91
Raleigh, NC

Soo Kim Venkatesan ’92
San Francisco, CA

Gregory Webb ’86, PAR ’21
Charlottesville, VA

Whitney Williams, PAR '22
New Canaan, CT

Cliff Yonce ’91, DAR ’97
Greenwich, CT

Student Representatives


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