Brain Science Initiative

Brain Science Initiative

The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences seeks to elevate to the world stage UVA’s well-established reputation as a center for the cross-disciplinary research and treatment of complex neuro-cognitive disorders.

Arts & Sciences will expand its research in biology, chemistry, and psychology with the support and collaboration of other University partners, including the Medical School and the Curry School of Education, in order to position our selves as a leading research university in the advancement of brain science.

Each of us knows and individual or family struggling to cope with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, anxiety, depression, or addiction. Every day, University researchers across a broad spectrum of specialties tackle these complexities, making new discoveries that advance the world’s knowledge and the search for interventions that will treat and cure these debilitating diseases and disorders.

Investment in the Brain Initiative will enable Arts & Sciences to devote more money, more support and more focus in the form of faculty, students, and facilities as we strive to become the top research facility for brain science.

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