Democracy Initiative

Democracy Initiative

No idea could be more closely linked to the founding purpose of the University of Virginia than the flourishing of democracy. UVA has the opportunity to rededicate itself to the noble ideas of democracy through a cross-Grounds and world-leading Democracy Initiative.

The Initiative aspires to excellence in integrated research, teaching, and public engagement on democracy at a global scale—bringing together a diverse range of scholars, government leaders, and practitioners to study and advance the prospects of democracy around the world.

Led by the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, in partnership with the nonpartisan Miller Center of Public Affairs and in collaboration with colleagues from across the University, the Democracy Initiative was established in 2018. It is designed to engage a wide audience—from undergraduates to world leaders—in examining the challenges confronting democracies today.

We will need more than $100 million for endowed scholarships, fellowships, professorships, and directorships to attract, fund, and inspire a broad range of students, faculty, and experts to focus on democracy.

6 Questions About The Democracy Initiative
How do government institutions remain functional, trustworthy and effective? How is social media changing our democracy?
Democracy Initiative to Launch Two New Labs
Politics professor Todd Sechser and media studies professor Siva Vaidhyanathan will direct labs for interdisciplinary research
In the News
$12.9 Million in Gifts, Appointment of Melody Barnes, Fuels Democracy Initiative

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